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Omg why would i eat ice cream before work this was so dumb my insides are liquifying

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Getting ready for my first night of work, 10-7. All night and all day I’ve been either crying or calling every place I found that does emergency rent assistance but they’re all tapped out. I’ve been crying because I’ve decided to apply for an On The Road trucker position and give custody of Jack to my mom so i can go make some money to support him. The company would bus me out to Missouri for training, then id do on the road training and be contracted for a year. You have to be out for a minimum of three weeks at a time and then get to take a couple days home. I would see my son 3-4 days every 3-4 weeks. For a year. I just dont know what to do anymore. Eviction is filed on the 7th and I can’t do this to him anymore. I can’t let him see me stressed all day every day, I can’t stand that i can’t even afford birthday presents this month. It kills me that i can’t afford daycare and he has ZERO friends his age. He goes ape shit when we go to the park or the splash pad because they’re full of kids. His social skills are going to suffer and I think thats what kind of makes or breaks you when you go out into the world. I just want him to have everything, you know? And i can’t give him anything working at the fuckig wal-mart on zero sleep. Its for his own good. I just have to keep reminding myself of that fact.

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Wim Wenders, Dusk in Coober Pedy, South Australia, 1978


Wim WendersDusk in Coober Pedy, South Australia, 1978

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Where we keep him when we go out #JackBenjamin

Where we keep him when we go out #JackBenjamin

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You know what I’m glad I don’t have to deal with? Leeches. Gross.

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Accident free since the other day when he pissed in the laundry basket (Which wasn’t really an accident) and, after holding it in 4 friggin’ days, HIS FIRST POOP IN THE POTTY!!!!! OMG IM SO HAPPY IM CRYING I’D LIKE TO THANK EVERY ONE WHO SUPPORTED US THROUGH THIS TRYING TIME, EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE, AND MY LOVELY MOM, THIS ONES FOR YOU

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So I’m officially not unemployed anymore. I found an overnight cashiering job which means Jack will be sleeping at my mom’s 5x a week. It makes me super sad, and I’m going to miss all the weird shit he says when we snuggle (I want to eat the bad guys, I farted in my mouth, etc) and all those cute cuddly moments when he wakes up sad and just wants to watch cartoons and be held. Also, when am I supposed to sleep???

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Julie— Omg I know!!! I saw a picture of a baby and their shitty caption, I couldn’t believe it. I know there’s always going to be trashy people in the world but it’s still surprising to me when people openly act so ugly. I hope their kids don’t grow up having their shitty attitude.

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Bully mumblr blogs still exist like???

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I’m going to save this to look at when rent is due.

I’m going to save this to look at when rent is due.

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